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MP3 Player Information

School Districts can purchase MP3 Players for distribution to OSY/H2A Workers. Once you purchase the players, you will need to upload the audio files onto the MP3 Players and printout the accompanying workbooks containing English lessons and Health information. This is very valuable information that can be distributed to OSY/H2A Workers throughout the state of Washington. Please review the links below:

Consolidate Program Review (CPR)

This link provides resources that can be used as school district gather information for the CPR conducted by OSPI.

Graduation Requirements

Listed below are graduating requirements information for school districts in Washington state.

Identification & Recruitment

Washington State has developed many helpful resources that can be used to conduct effective and efficient ID&R activities.  Listed below are some helpful resources to use for Identification and Recruitment efforts.

Out of School Youth

MSDRS Supports Out-of-School Youth (ages 16-21 residing in a district not receiving Migrant Education Funding) in obtaining access to educational and social services such as a High School Diploma, HSE or programs and services that will support them in meeting their educational and career goals.


The Portable Assisted Study Sequence (PASS) Program offers fully accredited high school courses that can be completed by a student semi-independently. By completing PASS courses, a student makes up credit deficiencies, catches up with peers, and is encouraged to continue and graduate. Each course is shipped from Sunnyside, Washington. Tests are administered locally and scored by PASS staff. Grade reports and transcripts are issued.

To find out how to implement PASS at your school, or to enroll a student, contact Heather Garcia-Mendoza at (800) 274-6084.

Post Secondary Planning